Kexun Zhang

I am a second-year Ph.D. student in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, working with Lei Li and William Wang(UC Santa Barbara). I got my bachelor's in CS from Zhejiang University. I'm interested in natural language processing.

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Hire a Linguist!: Learning Endangered Languages with In-Context Linguistic Descriptions


Kexun Zhang, Yee Man Choi, Zhenqiao Song, Taiqi He, William Yang Wang, Lei Li
preprint, 2024
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ToolDec: Syntax Error-Free and Generalizable Tool Use for LLMs via Finite-State Decoding


Kexun Zhang*, Hongqiao Chen*, Lei Li, William Yang Wang
preprint, 2023
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ALGO: Synthesizing Algorithmic Programs with LLM-Generated Oracle Verifiers


Kexun Zhang, Danqing Wang, Jingtao Xia, William Yang Wang, Lei Li
NeurIPS, 2023
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Invisible Image Watermarks Are Provably Removable Using Generative AI

Xuandong Zhao*, Kexun Zhang*, Zihao Su, Saastha Vasan, Ilya Grishchenko, Christopher Kruegel, Giovanni Vigna, Yu-Xiang Wang, Lei Li
ICML Workshop on Challenges in Deploying Generative AI, 2023
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Large Language Models Are Partially Primed in Pronoun Interpretation

Suet-Ying Lam*, Qingcheng Zeng*, Kexun Zhang*, Chenyu You, Rob Voigt
Findings of ACL, 2023
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ReDi: Trajectory Retrieval for Learning-Free Efficient Diffusion Inference

Kexun Zhang, Xianjun Yang, William Yang Wang, Lei Li
ICML, 2023
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A Study of Syntactic Multi-Modality in Non-Autoregressive Machine Translation

Kexun Zhang, Rui Wang, Xu Tan, Junliang Guo, Yi Ren, Tao Qin, Tie-Yan Liu
NAACL, 2022
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Focus on the Action: Learning to Highlight and Summarize Jointly for Email To-Do Items Summarization

Kexun Zhang, Jiaao Chen, Diyi Yang
Findings of ACL, 2022
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WSRGlow: A Glow-based Waveform Generative Model for Audio Super-Resolution

Kexun Zhang, Yi Ren, Changliang Xu, Zhou Zhao
Interspeech, 2021
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Employed generative flow model on the speech super-resolution task, achieved state-of-the-art performance. Nominated for the Best Student Paper Award.


These include coursework and side projects. (Site construction in progress)

Fun stuff

I was a competitive programmer in Olympiad in Informatics and International Collegiate Programming Contests. I'm a silver medalist at CNOI, a gold medalist at ICPC Asia Regional, and a Master at Codeforces.

I'm an amateur performer of Xiangsheng (aka crosstalk), which is a Chinese stand-up comedy performed by two people.

Other than Mandarin Chinese, I'm a native speaker of Taizhou Wu. I'd be really happy to chat with you in it.

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